Bilyana Cincarevic

Bilyana Cincarevic is a painter, a conceptual artist and environment activist.
She received her MA degree in mural painting techniques from the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade, in 2014.

Her artistic expression is close to modern realism, which she uses to explore the nature of women, from the erotic to the spiritual, giving her own contribution to the feminist arts.

In her work she deals with archetypes, symbols, past and ancestral traditions.

In her conceptual arts she collects archeological remains from myths, customs and rituals, assembling a picture of identity of the human being.

In her performance, Bilyana resorts to rituals and the elements of ritual in order to elevate human awareness and re-establish connection with the forces of nature.

In Art Conversations, a series of mini-panels, she looks into the relations between women and religion.

Her broad education, which next to the MA degree also includes years of studying Christianity and other spiritual philosophies, rituals and ceremonies.

She were held an exhibitions in a variety of venues, including the galleries of the University of Massachusetts Boston, the Sabanci University of Istanbul or the privately-owned Macura Museum.

The New Collection Book, compiled by the New York art scene, ranked her among one hundred artists of the year 2013.
She was featured on the covers of several prominent magazines.
She took part in public debates and panels on the issues of human and women's rights, environmental and social policies.

Selected solo exhibitions:
2022 'To defend and to protect' Gallery Nikola Radosević Belgrade
2021 Performance 'Feeding the Fire' at the 'Šumes' festival, Serbia
2019 TEDx talk ’Honoring ancestors is a pledge for the future’ Ušće Beograd, Serbia
2017 Performance 'Waking up the Dormant Dragon' Glacier Lake in the Rila Mountain, Bulgaria.
2017 Performance 'Invoking' Gallery MC, New York City
2017 Performance 'Women circle' in Belgrade Fortress, Belgrade
2016 TEDx talk ’Spirituality, feminism and art’ Vršac, Serbia
2016 Performance 'I left my sadness and blocks in the river Danube' at Museum Macura
2015 Exhibition Back to basics O3one Art Space, Belgrade
2015 Art performance The Alignment Dom Omladine Beograda
2014 Barcelona Art fair
2014 Exhibition and lectures at FAAS Gallery, University Sabanci, Istanbul
2014 FAAS Gallery, University Sabanci, Istanbul
2013 Exhibition and lectures at Massachusetts University Boston, MA
2013 Massachusetts University Boston, MA
2013 Artexpo Pier 92. New York
2013 Included in ‘The New Collectors’ Book’ among 100 artist of the New York art scene
2013 Gallery MC, New York, NY
2012 Galeria Zero, Art fair Basel, Switzerland
2012 Gallery Pizana, Porto Montenegro Tivat, Montenegro
2011 Painted sculpture of cow ’CowParade’ placed in public at the city park ’Milan Gale Muškatirović’ Belgrade
2011 King's Peter Museum, Belgrade-Serbia
2010 New Moment Ideas Gallery, Belgrade-Serbia
2009 Conceptual exhibition Lord, have mercy, Cultural center Dom omladine Belgrade - Serbia
2008 Cultural centar gallery Novi Bečej
2006 New Moment Gallery, Beograd-Serbia
2005 Art salon Synergy, Toronto- Canada
2004 Gallery of Diplomatic club, Beograd-Serbia
2003 Rotary club, Beograd-Serbia
2003 Biennale of mosaic, Belgrade Polytechnic gallery
2001 Gallery Le Danube Blue, Paris-France
2000 Gallery Most, Podgorica-Montenegro
2000 Mosaic floor at the ’Ill Giardino’ restaurant Podgoricа, Crna Gora
1999 Mosaic for city park in Požarevac, Serbia
1999 Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, group art show