Lord have a mercy

Conceptual exhibition devoted to criticism of the clergy - a corrupt clergy who do not perform their duties in accordance with job description, but abusing their position are subject to corruption, immorality and fornication, deal with the politics and stirring up nationalism, hide and support crimes and criminals. Given that the Church is "protected" and it is not allowed to freely and publicly criticize "those who represent God", this exhibition is pronounced criticism of the administration of the Church.

Elements of the exhibition are photographs, installations and performance.

In the middle of the space the active installation is placed – large wooden cross soaked with red color representing blood, dripping into the bowl under the cross. This is a symbol of blood of all the innocent victims who were killed in the name of holy cross.

In front of the installation and photos, six men with caps covering their entire heads and faces (symbolizing hiding of the identity and extreme radical groups) sing Serbian anthem “Lord give us justice”. The group demonstrates their performance using state, ethnic and religious symbols.

The exhibition consists of ten photographs showing archetypal images with a priest as a main character (based on Christ’s condemnation of corrupt clergy, Matthew, 23 chapter, dimensions 130x90, print on canvas).