We never mourned you. Never collected your scattered bones. Your candles were never lit.
The incense never burnt. We never spilled rakia on your graves.
Dacha was never served on your graves, nor did we adorn you with wreaths of flowers.
We never installed your headstones.
Who tells stories about you, who sheds tears for you?

Now, I see you now.
Now, we speak of you. We invoke you now, and wail for you.
We light the candles and burn the incense.
We wash your wounds with Holy Water, offer wine and rakia to your spirits, nourish you with bread.
We heal your souls with honey. We give you strength with tobacco. We offer you milk and the healing flowers of immortalle, to bring you joy and color.

Raise up now, speak to us! Show us the Way. Empower us. Make us wise. Heal us so that we can become whole again.

Oh, our beloved men, our bravest, strongest, most powerful of us! Our toughest, ablest, manliest, healthiest! The greatest and most beautiful!

You defended our land, and fed it with your bodies. Your bones, muscles and your seed are part of this land now, which feeds and nourishes us. It feeds us with grains and fruits, rakia and honey. It feed is with your power and steadiness, skill and wisdom. Feeds us with your honesty and grace, stamina and health. Nourishes us with the Covenant made with Motherland and Mother Earth, the Covenant of Blood and Soil.

Let us not break that ages-long chain! Let us not sever our roots, lest that which feeds us life juices dries up. Let us not become ghosts, mere shells void of identity and ancestral tradition.

If we should lose you, and if we should lose our land, the dark vilayet will take over the rule. Then, the enemy ruled by Satan, oh sweet Motherland and Mother Earth, will dig you up, plow over the graves of our ancestors, and eat up your future children.

Bless us Mother Earth, save us Heavenly Father.

Revive and heal us, restore the virtuous and noble male principle in us all! Raise HIM so that he can protect us all from the evil, both visible and invisible. Institute and reinforce our honorable and noble protectors! Raise up those our lighthouses and compasses, to guide us and show us the way. So that we can grow towards the Heavenly Father. Mother Earth, we pray to you to use your medicine and heal the wounded male principle. Heal HIM with your balms made from plants, animals, women and brothers.

May he rise, remedy, restore and come to his full power, and be healed completely, God willing!

So that he can built us a house of this land, and that we can make it our true home, confer oh God.

So that he gives us his healthy seed, and that we may give birth to healthy babies, oh God confer.

So that he can defend us, save and protect us, and that we can come together as one, and multiply into many, God willing!


May we endure and live on, healthy, true and noble, for ever and ever, confer on us, dear Lord.