This exhibition is dedicated to the masculine principle.

It is dedicated to empowering, healing and raising of the vulnerable and decimated male archetype that exists in all of us, into a healthy, honest and noble male among us.

I followed the trace and trickle of secret and clandestine symbols, hidden in Serbian epic and lyric poems and songs, which our ancestors left us, and realized that there is medicine and healing for the wounded male principle.

It is with the ritual elements that the ‘Kosovo maiden’* went out into the Kosovo battlefield after the grand clash. She took water, wine and bread and went looking for the survivors, to give them nourishment and try to raise and heal them. For the sake of survival, for the future generations, for the healthy seed needed to create healthy progeny.

The male principle is the protector, the guiding light and the compass, the builder, the mind, the Father and the seed.

Without a healthy, true, strong and noble protector, we stand unprotected amidst the whirlwind of a storm raised by the New Agenda, seeking to shape the New World, one without a healthy and robust masculine principle. Without the father, protector, husband, builder, without the son, without progress, we cannot live a healthy life nor take part in the Cosmic Dance.

The performance done at the opening of this exhibition, together with all the exhibited works of art, is a ritual aimed at healing of and restoring the healthy male principle.

Bilyana Cincarević

*Wars have been waged in our Balkan region for centuries. Yet, the most famous battle took place in 1389, in today Serbia’s Kosovo and Metohija, when the Serbian army was at the bulwark of Europe's defence against the invasion of Islam, spearheaded by the Ottoman Empire. This deeply affected all of us in the Balkans and our determination to preserve our identity and our Christian religious heritage.

However, the price Serbia paid was high. Our bravest and best men died defending Christianity and our national identity. Today, we find ourselves once again face to face with different but the same challenges: the new global Agendas whose intention is to destroy national identity, turn the healthy male principle into its weak manifestation, diminish testosterone until it disappears, destroy families. This is similar to the key events in our past when our men defended our country, our cultural heritage, identity and faith.

That is why I dedicated this exhibition to the healing and reinforcing of the healthy male principle. Once again, the times that lie before us will require healthy, noble and virtuous protectors to defend and protect us all.